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Nov 24, 2012 10:00pm EST
presidents, thomas jefferson, abraham lincoln as you are dimensioned and woodrow wilson. so let's do them chronological order. let's start with jefferson. now is he immortal present or in extreme president? >> guest: jefferson is definitely a modal president and the way youth should judge that is how thoroughly where they evaluated before they came to power. if someone was very, if everyone had the ability to influence whether or not they would get the job, you knew everything about them, then these people have the ability to recognize, this person is not what we want or this person is what we want so they picked jefferson and if you look at jefferson's career, jefferson had been governor of virginia, ambassador to france, secretary of state, vice president of the united states, member of the continental congress. it's possible that few people in anyone's history had ever been evaluate it or inspected as closely as thomas jefferson was before he came president. people were looking at him and saying this is the guy we want. this is the person a should be president. >> host: his opponent sa
Nov 16, 2012 3:30pm PST
? >> councilmember wong: i like to dominate idell wilson. nominate. (correction) nominate (laughter) >> i would really say, i would be honored. i would like to third, for wendy to have a second year. >> chair: you are declining the nomination? are there any further nominations? seeing none, okay, this is where we have to reserve the public comment. we have a motion on the floor. we have a second. do we have any public comment? check the bridge line, not working. seeing none, we have ballots passing around. >> (off mic) >> chair: all in favor for the re-election of co-chair james, for a second year, say aye, a raise your right hand. >> aye. >> chair: by unanimous vote, co-chair has been reelected for a second year. do you wish to give a speech? >> i will continue to learn. by mail. so you can continue to teach me, and tap my arm, when i'm doing something wrong. i'm sure carla and joanna and everyone else will keep me in-line. >> i can still tune into you guys. i happened to tune in to a meeting, a committee meeting a couple of weeks ago and i called in beforehand. i had a feed in to your comm
Nov 18, 2012 4:30pm PST
: councilmember wilson? >> councilmember wilson: is that four years? two. >> i would like to make a motion to adopt it. >> i will second the. >> chair: co-chair james/ ? okay. we had two questions. i have a question. we have not had a motion to approve is yet or a second. did we? who made a motion to approve? co-chair james, councilmember supanich. now we are open for discussion and public comment. have a question about the intent of the proposed amendment. i am suspecting the intent by the author is to encourage and engage more councilmember leadership opportunities. what would happen if that were not the result? let's hope that would not be the case if that comes into approval. maybe that option, discussion? councilmember wilson? >> i do not understand what you just said. i do not understand it. if no one wants if n o one wa ntsto step up? >> chair: let me make an attempt to clarify. from my experience in the past, attempting to promote more leadership opportunities for colleagues, i've noticed that a lot of times it is tough to initiate that the person who proposes a leadership
Nov 3, 2012 9:00pm EDT
in that famous election won by woodrow wilson. liberalism progressed, as i understand it, across american politics in three great waves that dominated the last century, and for convenience sake, i'll point to them. the new freedom, that was wilson's administration and program. the new deal, of course, and the great society, of course, along with its tragic chorus, the new left. each wave set out to transform america as the names suggest. if you want to create a great society, that implies this is a lousy society. if you want a new deal, that implies there's something rotten with the old deal. you need to lift up america, change it, transform it, and liberalize it. this has been the constant agenda of liberalism for many generations now. obama's program is really the fourth installment of these successive waves of transformation. now, we have to notice that each one of these waves was halted, each came to an end. by 1920, progressivism was a spent force. by 1936, or at the latest, 1938, the new deal was effectively over at home. dr. new deal was replaced by dr. win the war as fdr put it, a
Nov 26, 2012 12:00am EST
jefferson, abraham lincoln and woodrow wilson so let's do them in chronological order is the model president or extreme president? singh accused of deadly a modal president and the way i did you should judge that is how thoroughly with the value we did before they begin power. if someone was very -- if someone that had the ability to influence whether or not they would get the job, new everything about them, then these people have the ability to recognize this person is not what we want or this person is what we want and so if you look at jefferson's career, jefferson had been the governor of virginia coming ambassador of france from secretary of state, vice president of the united states, member of the continental congress and the declaration of independence it's possible that very few people had ever been the value we did were inspected as closely as thomas jefferson was before he became the president of the united states. so people were looking at him and saying this is not what we want. this is the person that should be president. >> this is the guy we don't want because it is a very clo
Nov 24, 2012 8:00am EST
failed due to their inability to lead congress were jefferson, monroe, grant, wilson, truman, johnson, nixon and george bush. two failed due to who boris. franklin roosevelt and richard nixon. four who did not effectively communicate their agendas or initiatives were jefferson, monroe, grand and cleveland. the dominant force of failure for a second term presidents has been there in the ability to successfully to work with congress. lee eight second term presidents have face trouble their second term due directly to the fight between congress and the white house. having a congressional majority of their own party is no assurance of relief. those presidents who served with the congress having majority of the opposing party during a second term included wilson, eisenhower, nixon, reagan and clinton. the competitive battle between a president and congress bates to the fight george washington had with congress over the jay treaty and. he had won approval only after considerable effort working directly with members of congress, compromising and cajoling. that was with the congress having a
Nov 27, 2012 11:00am PST
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Nov 17, 2012 5:00pm PST
ran by a mad man with a huge ego. >> as a young mother, leslie wilson went to guyana because her husband had taken their son there. in jonestown she found not enough food, not enough sleep, too much fear. >> for me to think i was going to see the age of 21 was a miracle. i didn't think i was going to see 21. >> she recoiled the first time jim jones called together peoples temple members for a suicide drill. >> and i remember him looking at me and me looking, please don't ask me to do this, because we really didn't know if it was real or not. >> on the last morning she said she wanted to take her child on a picnic and started on a day-long trek to a town 30 miles away. >> everyone can look up and see us walking, and i was just shaking. i was so, so frightened. >> for years leslie wilson would not let anyone know she was a jonestown survivor. >> because i would sit at a table sometimes at work, whatever, and they would talk about jonestown, i didn't say a word. i mean, i lived under a veil of secrecy for 20-something years. >> vernon gosney, now a policeman in hawaii, remembers jon
Nov 17, 2012 6:00pm PST
'll be quiet. >> 303 children would die in jonestown that day, from toddlers to teens. wilson's nephew. and her niece. vern gosney's son mark. a third of all the dead were children, murdered at jim jones' command, wracked with convulsions, a painful death. >> i tell you, i don't care how many screams you hear, i don't care how many anguished cries. death is a million times preferable to more days of this loss. >> what i experienced and saw was absolute chaos and insanity. >> die with a degree of dignity. lay down your life with dignity. don't lay down with tears and agony. >> tim carter walked back to the pavilion and saw his 1-year-old son malcolm in the arms of his wife gloria. >> and here's sharon cobb, pediatric nurse practitioner with a syringe in malcolm's mouth. nor ar gloria is standing there, just tears extremie inine ining -- s down her face, agony written all over her face. >> these syringes found later were filled with cyanide to kill the children. >> all they're doing is taking a drink to go to sleep. that's what death is, sleep. >> malcolm was dead. his little lips covered with fo
Nov 18, 2012 11:15pm EST
bush to eight failed due to their inability to leave with jefferson, wilson, truman, johnson, nixon and bush. they failed to to franklin roosevelt and richard nixon. four of them did not effectively communicate this agenda or initiative were jefferson, monroe, grant and cleveland. obviously the dominant source of failure for the second term prudent has been their inability to successfully work with congress, the second term presidents have faced troubled or second terms do directly to the fight between the congress and the white house. having a congressional majority of their own party is no assurance of release. those presidents that serve in the congress having the majority of the opposing party during the second term included willson, eisenhower, nixon, ronald reagan and clinton. the competitive battle to the president and congress dates to the site george washington had in the congress over the treaty. he had won approval only after standing considerable efforts looking directly with members of congress compromising and cudgeling and that was with the congress having the majorit
Nov 4, 2012 8:00am PST
♪ [music] jane harman: good afternoon and welcome to the wilson center. welcome to the people sitting in this auditorium, those in overflow rooms, those who are listening to us or watching us in various media and who will intersect us on the internet sometime in the next days and weeks. i'm jane harman, president and ceo of the wilson center. and as some of you know, we recently joined forces with npr to create this year-long public event series that we call the national conversation. npr's president and ceo, my california buddy gary knell who has a muppet, which is an improvement on himself, named after him for his roles, his role before on running sesame street is sitting in the front row, as is joe gildenhorn, ambassador joe gildenhorn who is the chairman of the wilson center board of trustees. and i'd like to welcome many other friends here today. my hope is that this series will provide the public, that is you, with new opportunities to engage in much-needed civil discourse free from spin, imagine that in this election season, in the safe political space that the wilson c
Nov 25, 2012 9:00pm EST
wilson. let's do them in chronological order. start with overson. is he a modal president or extreme president? >> guest: definitely a modal president. the way to judge that is how thoroughly were they evaluated before they were in power. if anyone who had the ability to influence whether or not they'd get the job, knew everything about them, then they -- those people have the ability to recognize, okay, this person is not what we want or this person is what we want, and so they pick jefferson. look at jefferson's career, he had been governor of virginia, ambassador of state, vice president of the united states, member of the continental congress, author of declaration of independence, unlikely nip in history has been evaluated or inspected as closely as jefferson was before he was president of the united states. people looked at him and said this is the person who should be president. >> host: well, his opponents said it's the guy we don't want because it was a close election. >> guest: it was. it was a strange election. >> host: it was a very strange election, but hard fought. he h
Nov 6, 2012 8:00pm EST
executive. it might seem obvious to us. james wilson, he said he wanted to be a single executive. we had just mimicked the constitutional convention. did you hear that sound? [laughter] that is exactly what happened at the constitutional convention. were they going to do? a single executive -- it's not like a king or monarch when monarch women do we really want to go that route? with a single executive be close to them on our? they were considering not. now. the other things, they did decide quite quickly that they wanted a certain number of years. he was elected by congress. -- i guess any of us could in future spouse or anybody else there is one other item. that is the same elected by congress -- and james wilson stood up and said, you know, i don't think he should be selected by congress. if you selected by congress, he is dependent upon congress. we were trying to get an independent executive. a rousing round of disapproval. all the other states are voting it down. so, so much for that idea. .. so that of course is the on june 2nd 1787 was the very genesis of that idea, what we now c
FOX Business
Nov 28, 2012 8:00pm EST
wilson. good to have you. >> thank you, neil. >> good to be with you, neil. neil: thank you, governor davis. since you're not with me, governor davis, in the studio here but governor wilson is i'm going to him first. the thing i will raise with you, governor wilson, what i'm noticing going on in this state. clearly a pickup in activity. things getting a little bit better the by point of comparison that is off a horrible environment but it is still getting better. it is getting better because taxes are going to go up? >> good god no. that's not going to help things. it will make them worse. and there is a mild improvement. i would hope for a strong improvement. i don't expect to see it. and what has just been done is not going to improve things. sadly, it will make california even less competitive than before. neil: voters must have known that was the talk and advertising against these propositions when they started? >> well they --. neil: obviously voters thought otherwise. >> hard to know what they think. i thought i, i used to think i knew but, in the old days they were not crazy ab
Nov 29, 2012 11:00am PST
. >>> and brian wilson's beard is black for now. but could it be blue next week? is he going to turn into a smurf? he may be on the move to an archrival's roster. >> who could that be? also, we'll take a look at the markets and all the other big news. >>> mitt romney was at the white house today for a private lunch with president obama. the president making good on an election night promise to talk with the former governor and listen to his ideas on just how to move the country forward. romney is also expected to meet with his former running mate, congressman paul ryan who is working on fiscal cliff negotiations on capitol hill. >>> speaking of that fiscal cliff, both democrats and republicans right now still battling to try and find a compromise. top white house negotiate easy heading to capitol hill today to keep those talks going, trying to avoid that looming deadline. tracie potts has the latest on the fight to keep your tax breaks from vanishing. >> reporter: treasury secretary tim geithner and rob nabors bring the president's deficit-cutting plan to capitol hill today. >> i'm open to a fair
Nov 1, 2012 3:10am PDT
stars carnie and wendy wilson! [cheers and applause] >> horrible. horrible. [laughter] >> you guys look so much alike. >> i know. >> we rehearsed that like 50 times. [laughter] >> it was worth it. >> you look so great! >> you look amazing! >> how much fun is this? it's so much fun. we always love having you guys here. >> thank you! [cheers and applause] >> especially you, carnie. you've got enough on your table. >> this is the first costume that i don't have to worry about my stomach. [laughter] >> my first big girl costume. >> it's adorable. >> now, we know that you two sisters grew up loving halloween in the household. your parents loved it. your father is of course the legendary brian wilson of the beach boys. [cheers and applause] what was halloween like growing up in your household? >> it was amazing. we come from very creative people. so we had great parties. they loved halloween. mom and dad, they took it very seriously. they had parties. they went to parties. i just have this memory of dad being abraham lincoln and looking like abraham lincoln. >> wow! >> that's a great job. >>
Nov 10, 2012 6:00pm EST
, coaching. an kochtia up. look at turner. tied at 20 at the half. wilson puppi ingpulling away in second half. finds taylor over the middle. 74 yards. wilson wins 40-20. some h 26720 love coming up aftn absence of 21 years, wilson returns to the turkey bowl. >>> all right. the outlook for maryland basketball is about as bright at chuck bell the forecast. anyone following gary williams better have their stuff together, and if last night is any indication, mark turgeon is getting them back on track. opening up the college basketball season against john calipari, defending national champion kentucky wildcats. sluggish in the first half. second half, seth allen finds him. 23 points and terps up one. kentucky coming right back. maryland back on the attack. shhh -- charles mitchell with the lay-in. terps back on top. kentucky makes a push, though. jared with the rebound, and puts it back. wildcats take a 1-point lead. under five seconds left now. kentucky up three. howard, trying to make something happen -- and it doesn't. maryland loses a heart breaker. 72-69. a lot gained in the loss. >> if
Nov 7, 2012 4:30am EST
, the twinkling lights, that is the woodrow wilson bridge. one sign without any trouble. across the american legion bridge -- the 270 spur and river road. roadwork on the beltway between university boulevard and new hampshire avenue -- a light volume at this hour. back to you. >> an answer to the biggest question this election season -- that is, will president obama or mitt romney lead for the next four years? >> voters reelected president obama for the next term. brianne carter has reaction from the president and romney. >> good morning. after a long and drawn-out campaign a long and drawn-out night of watching numbers come in. the battleground states -- after nearly sweeping them, he said he was rehired and will be back here for four more years. >> thank you. >> president barack obama celebrates his return to washington to lead the country for four more years. >> we know in our hearts that for the united states of america the best is yet to come. >> nearly sweeping battleground states including ohio and virginia he earned more than 300 electoral votes. he told americans he is more determin
Nov 6, 2012 1:00pm EST
, that is the wilson school, also a polling place. >> some electioneering going on in arlington, virginia. president obama is in chicago this afternoon, playing basketball right now, according to one person who tweets for the huffington post. a state court judge has ordered election officials to cover up and a obama mural at a philadelphia school serving as a polling place. the associated press says mitt romney has spoken in ohio and have lunch this afternoon at wendy's. our election night coverage get underway this evening with the latest results from the presidential race and in the senate, house, and governor races across the country. we will have coverage of president obama in chicago and mitt romney in boston. we will have -- acceptance at concession speeches. you can find more on c-span radio and >> watch election night coverage with president obama in chicago and met romney in boston. you can watch the victory and acceptance speeches and we will have your reactions by phone, e- mail and twitter. you can access interactive maps and election results and tied up dates and the balance
Nov 27, 2012 5:00am PST
in trouble on that one. >>> 5:22 right now. here's a question. does brian wilson have a future with the giants? a contract showdown that has many fans fearing the beard may leave san francisco. >>> brian wilson had to miss the entire world series run and now people are wondering will he stay or will he go? this morning rumors swirling around the giants pitcher and his future with the ball club. wilson and the team at this point can't agree on a contract for next year. the team wants to cut his pay after he missed the 2012 season to have his second elbow surgery. now, there are some questions about the exact health of his arm, but wilson says he's ready to go and he'll be ready to pitch next season. if there's no contract offer on the table by friday, wilson does become a free agent, meaning the giants could still make an offer later on but then would have to compete with other teams for his service. >> will the closer close the door. we will find out. well, the beard better have an umbrella come tomorrow. we want to check your forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> goo
Nov 12, 2012 7:30pm PST
and i like to recognize san francisco mayor ed lee, ceo of united way anne wilson and west field group senior vice president anthony rich and you may have noticed we have our beloved mascot bulls eye with us. it's an exciting time for target. as you know 2012 50 marks our 50th year and we have a new concept and designs for the urban shopper and to complement the city's character and the small store offers the product but more suited to these lifestyles. instead of 20-pound bags of dog food you will find smaller bags and treats to manage to carry around. this is the first store in san francisco and we are activating our first stand alone active wear store and part of our brand by champion so what does it mean for you? high end apparel without the high end prices and what better way to introduce this concept than here in america's most active community and a joy to join the mayors in san francisco and nakd in 2011 we two contributed $2 million to san francisco and have awarded several schools with grants for field trips and completed our first library make over in san francisco la
Nov 26, 2012 8:30am PST
-chair can appoint a temporary replacement. we are open for discussion. >> i motion. >> councilmember wilson seconds, and councilmember supanich has discussion. >> i do. i don't have a problem with the cochair choosing someone at the discretion - the way it is worded, if one cochair cannot attend one or more meetings, i think he would be okay for the other cochair to appoint someone for a month but beyond that, i would like to see fuller council involvement, say someone is to take a leave of absence, so the whole council can provide input, and unnecessarily have a person chosen for a long-term. if you give me a second, i will try to come up with wording. >> chair: that makes sense to me. it would ensure the value of the council's vote and who the leader is, not just one person. for more than one month. >> should we change the wording to one month? or the current month? would that be easier? instead of one or more meetings. >> chair: tag a line that says, not to exceed one month duration. >> what about, not to exceed two consecutive meetings. >> i would be happy with that. >> that wo
Nov 16, 2012 4:25am EST
teammates is a former eagle? >> chris wilson. >> no. >> played for a little bit. >> not according to the redskins stats. >> he is a special teamer. he has a good foot. >> sav rocca. >> if chris wilson was, i blame that on daniel samson. can you write him a letter. rookie quarterback nick foals who will likely start sunday went to what college? >> arizona. >> but he also went to michigan. >> but i went first. >> you got it. you won. you won. >> it's too quick for me. >> i went through the personnel report. it was kind of fresh in my mind. >> nick also went to michigan state for his freshman year and we were teammates together. >> we can give you like a half point but you're still going to lose. >> what round was he drafted? >> second,. >> third. >> third. >> i lawsuit to you by a half a point. i made it interesting. >> you guys were good. that is all from the 4 down
Nov 4, 2012 6:00pm EST
in the woodrow wilson administration and that was franklin d. roosevelt. herbert hoover and franklin roosevelt were neighbors in georgetown in 19 teams in the wilson administration they both worked with jobs in the wilson administration and they were part of the social mid-level government people who got together on sunday night during the war when there was no official entertaining and they would play cards and have the scrambled eggs dinner, have a cocktail or two and got to know each other. they were good friends in those days. in fact, in 1920 there were some democrats who wanted the democratic party to run the hoover roosevelt ticket for the white house. roosevelt felt i was a great idea, there couldn't be a better president than herbert hoover. he wasn't interested and he declared himself to the republican and switched over. he lost the republican nomination but went into the republican administration and by 1928, she was the front-runner for the republican nomination. the same year that franklin ran for governor of new york and when the election was over both of them had one and so, at
Nov 11, 2012 1:45pm EST
. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> and woodrow wilson disregarded the constitution to promote their own political agendas in theodore and woodrow, how two american presidents historic constitutional freedoms >> no more from america -- book tv college series. this interview was recorded at the united states naval academy. it's about ten minutes. >> on your screen now, professor of history at the u.s. table academy. author of several books, including his most recent, american sheikhs, to families,j) for generations, and the storyk) of americj)a's influence in then middle east. who was dana? >> the founder of what later became the american university of beirut. >> added he go about doing that? >> a lot of american entrepreneur real spirit. >> made the family quite wealthy. >> what was his goal in founding the american university? >> his initial goal differ from a became his life's work. he arrived in the middle east and 1850's determined to convert muslims to christianity and very quickly realized that wasn't going to happen and that's the way to make
Nov 5, 2012 3:00pm PST
have been standing up for voting rights, marcia fudge and fredricka wilson. >> thank you, reverend al. >> congresswoman fudge, let me start with you. are these long lines another form of voter suppression, in your opinion? >> oh, i certainly think that they are. let me say this, reverend al. i'm happy to see the long lines because that says to me all of the dirty tricks that have been pulled by our secretary of state are not working and our people are determined to vote no matter what it takes. >> you know, congresswoman fredricka wilson, down in your district i was there for operation eliminate with curry and other networks. long lineses from the first day of early voting, you were there helping to lead the way. it seems like this has backfired. the more the right wingers tried to stop people, people have said we're going to stand up anyway but should they have to suffer through this kind of deliberate form of trying to try their patience and wear them down? >> it is totally outrageous. this is the classic example of voter suppression. we have 30 items on the ballots half of which ar
Nov 18, 2012 8:00am PST
for as long as five hours. >> , on and get in line. m.l. come back wilson began -- malcolm wilson this 16 years ago. >> i wanted to make sure that our community got something so there was one less thing to stressor about during this holiday season. >> the charity that keep out over 1200 turkeys is as>> we've raise the money, and by the birds and give them out we do not want to see i did a vacation or where you live, residency or ask you what your status is if you are in line, you are going to get a turkey. >> but it is also about fostering a sense of community service for the next generation. >> it is not the grown ups it is the children passing them out we want them to have the opportunity to give out a turkey and see what it is to give back the committee that is the bottom line for us. in oakland, jeff pierce, kron 4 news. >> the owners of a controversial slaughterhouse are not settling a lawsuit out of a suit accusing cattle. the company will pay $300,000 to and that suits the also agreed to a $497 million judgment against this meatpacking industry. it will not be collected because the
Nov 16, 2012 1:00pm PST
, may we initiated roll call please. >> present today we have councilmembers wong, wilson, burkett, james, parson. >> item 2, reading and approval of agenda. with mr. stein.. >> here i am again. regular meeting, mayors disability council. one, welcome, introduction roll call. two, approval of the agenda. three, public comment, four, report from the chair. five, report from the director of the mayor's office of disability. six, report of the transportation plan update. seven, community perspective of supportive housing and sros eight, action item. nine, action item, proposed amendment to the mdc by laws. -- elven, multimodal accessibility committee update. eleven, public comment. that was 12, 13, correspondent, 14 councilmember comments and announcements. 15 adjourn. >> thank you. moving on the public comment agenda item number three. i have one speakers card here. our friends across the day ms. denise jacobson, with the oakland mayor's commission. we welcome you. anyone else who wishes to speak after her? please step forward. >> thank you. i'm very happy to be here today. i am th
Nov 7, 2012 12:00pm EST
of a parking garage at wilson boulevard. that was a little after 2:00 a.m. there were no injuries. via >> the scandal at penn state university the former president out on bail after an arraignment. gramm spaniard was charged with perjury and other charges. he conspired to conceal complaints against former assistant football coach jerry sandusky. >> going back to the election and a battleground virginia. tim kaine defeated geroge allen. that pulled in more outside money than any other senate race as republicans try to get george allen back into the senate. the senate race was not just between kaine and allen. another senate candidate was running as well. >> handicapped was vying for 8 u.s. senator -- a us senate seat -- hank the cat was running for us senate. his campaign raised $16,000 for animal rescue groups. >> we are talking about the coastal storm. >> snowflakes on the way, right? >> possibly. we thought the price of this system was going to state north east but it is moving faster than we thought and our impact is going to be a very minimal. there could be a little bit of light
Nov 11, 2012 11:15pm EST
in helmand province. in 1919 woodrow wilson dedicated november 11th armistice day. in 1954 president eisenhower changed the holiday to veterans day to honor all service members. >>> in honor of world war ii veterans came to washington for the weekend. we caught up with them at the world war ii memorial that honored veterans with a wreath laying today and one man shared with us how he found out the war was over. >> we came back to pearl harbor thinking i was going to join a group that was going to make a landing on japan. that was kind of in my mind and we got there and they started firing off guns and flares and everything and i thought we were under attack again, but it come to be the war was over. >> in the next moment mr. thompson was overcome with emotion saying that today's events made him feel so important all these years later. >>> we have a news alert from alexandria, investigators wanting you to take a close look at some very dramatic surveillance video. if you know the two men holding up this 7-eleven on kenmore avenue, the crime happened almost two weeks ago, the night hur
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